Some insights to engineer work

I have already worked at for nearly 1 year and I thought I need to review the process to record something down for potential future reference.

Some notes I got from work

  1. Never trust anybody even though yourself. Anybody is not always reliable. We have to assume that everything cannot work and under that circumstance we should ensure program run well.
  2. Always test the codes before putting it to production. Follow the unit tests and E2E tests. Don’t regard testing as waste of time! Never do that or you will pay more time to repair the bug afterwards.
  3. If you are a person willing to learn things, it’s none of the work and the manager’s business to do with your growth. To be smart and be hungry to learn, things will pay back.
  4. Don’t promise the DDL at the exact time you are able to finish. Always lower the expectation to get higher performance from peers and managers.
  5. Never comment on peers. All things go to things, never the people. Please be sure about the responsibility and try to build your own background and muscle
  6. Always ask questions. Whenever meet something you are not familiar with, please ask questions, to the right person. There are always people who are more experted than you.
  7. Leave time for the self-study. That’s very important for lifelong career or business.
  8. At last, never give up after falling down. Fail hard and try hard. Things pay back in the future.